Experience the ultimate day party this weekend with Kiwi & Yam

If you don't know about Kiwi & Yam yet, we're almost glad. Because selfishly that means we get the pleasure of introducing you now. Headed up by designer and all-round business boss Misi Ogunlana, a woman with her fingers in all of the pies (she also runs her own charity, YouTube channel, manages her sister's music career...) and so much sauce that she warrants a WCW or at least a brand follow (@kiwiandyam).

K&Y's strap line is "For the culture", but you can see this for yourself this Saturday as they host their second annual Pop-up Experience aka a banging day party. From 12-9pm, August 4th you will be able to eat, drink and dance your ass off with a sick selection of DJs spinning Hip Hop, RnB, House, Trap, Afro Trap, Grime, Bashment and Afrobeat tunes - and live performances throughout the day. True to their words, it's not just K&Y that you'll be able to browse - Misi's bringing together a selection of brands alongside the entertainment in true "For the culture" spirit, StyleBoxx, FLVR Apparel and Class Candy are amongst them. 

And if that's not enough for you, there is FREE FOOD. Not a drill. 

We'll be talking more in-depth with Misi and her team about the brand in an upcoming feature, but for those that are keen to already get involved be sure to head to Tottenham this Saturday. Get those tickets in now!